Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, it seems I have not only fooled you, the public, but I have fooled myself into thinking this blogging would be a great medium for me to share all of my most profound, intellectual thoughts on food, consumption and consumerism, the earth, environmentalism, greater imperialsim (within the whole animal kingdom), love and hate, compassion vs. tolerance, recipes, the importance of clarity in speech, yada yada yada... because, apparently, I have entered a simpleton era, where I have exchanged deep thought for deep sleep, coffee and writing for wine and dumbbells, mind-opening documentaries for mind-numbing "romantic comedies", and my red bug for my red bike (see photos below!). However, now that my good friend e-mile-high has begun her own blog, I feel pressured into proving that I am more than just a web page with sexy photos! She's so much cooler than me at everything else, and now she's outted her hidden skills once again (like, witty on paper as well as in person. I also found out earlier this year that she's got a bit of a baking-gene up her sleeve...I never knew)

Anyway, the awful truth is, post-tirade, I've still got not much to say. So I'm thinking about taking questions. I may even have to develop an entirely new webpage with a built-in forum or ask/answer session, then scurry out of bed in the wee of the night (uh, usually the wee-wee of the night), before the glory of morning dumbs me down again, and give you my exalted philosophy on all the intricacies and abnormalities of life. Seriously, folks, right now, 5:30 in the afternoon, all I can come up with is 42. And this ziti/asparagus/pesto salad.

Let's see....I think it was curried collard greens, coconut curry sweet pertater patties, a daikon and zucchini "spaghetti" salad (using my benriner), and cucumber curls

grilled veggie lavash roll. well, what did you think it was??

I don't know. a sallet of some sort. with peanut lime dressing. yes indeedy

mint chocolate cupcakes for a friend's burpday!

raw topping (and sauce) pizza

vegexican torta sammich (with chipotle-curried seitan)

mashed herbed tater and "cheese" cups

A veggie pot pie with lots of cauliflower. I forgot to get a photo with the top crust on.

what are YOU lookin at?

none of these guys are Waldo.
yams with pistachio, sauteed kale, grilled portobella mushroom, pesto, and fresh mater!

another versian of the above, but with beer-batter crepes and blackened tofu.
I want this for dinner RIGHT NOW.

Was that insightful enough for you?????

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Katrina said...

I came across your blog and love the pics of food. Are you planning to post recipes or do you have cookbooks you recommend?