Sunday, May 11, 2008

There's a reason for the warm, sweet nights

I found a couple of more fotogs. This probably looks very similar to one you've seen before. The males are buddhist, and are particularly fond of all things yin/yang.

Blackie is practicing his mantra.

L'il Frito believes in equality among all-creatures, sewn and sprung from She-Tiger's rib.

the Bellamy Brothers, lettin their love show

Sooprize, Sooprize! Suprizza.

and mo' sallet!
I mean, why can't we ever just have a SALLET??

homemade feelawful, err, I mean, falafel. and roasted red pepper hummus.
sakes alive, am I hongry!

just let your love fly, like a bird on a wing
(or a lucky bird, who still has its wings, and head)
wait a minute, I haven't shown these pictures before?
this is from my Xmas partay, a while back.
roasted veggie roll with red sauce, green spinach, white ricotta
mixed sweet and spicy nuts

the veggie roll, complete.

More cupcakes, with huge chocolate chunks inside, gobbled up within minutes by 2 boys.

the post, complete.

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