Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It's too bad I wait so long to upload pics of past repasts sometimes. by the time I sit down to tell you about them, I've oft forgot what half the d'rn ingredients were. (ahhh, the dangling participle conundrum)

Below is Double Sins on a Dime, i.e. carbo-overload mixed with conveniently cheap and dangerously devilish crescent rolls in a tube (eh-hem... PHO. partially hydrogenated oils.) Generally I try to stay away from artery-clogging glue, but on this day I was desperately craving a croissant-filled something, so I "craved-n-caved" to Pillsbury. It is a spana-croissanta, filled with spinach and tofutti cream cheese, mixed with cumin, cayenne pepper, and paprika. Soooo not healthy. But still VEGAN!! The shells were baked atop Muir Glen chopped tomatoes and diced peppers, and a tofu feta, mixed with fresh herbs from my stairgarden (all of which are shrieking like mandrakes as they wither up and die in this unremitting heat).

and outta this world nachos (with ingredients leftover from taco night). it's a damn shame you can't see all of the goodies that went into this whopper. To name a few: veggie ground round; seitan stir-fried with lime juice, chili powder, curry powder, and broth from the "chicken-style" seitan container; red onion; jalapenos; FYH monterey jack; shredded lettuce, cilantro (ya gotta LOVE that cilantro!); and of course, salsa and hot sauce of choice. Oh, I almost forgot: also thrown in were some broiled summer squash, zucchini, and red bell pepper in a "special sauce" .
There. I think I named all of 'em.
yes, my gut was hurting a bit afterwards, but it was definitely worth it.

why do cats insist on being outside when it is hotter'n blazes???? here is Blackboy playing dead amongst dying flowers...

I also baked up some uber-fab mini lemon bundt cakes, with lemon frosting, served with fresh scrawberries. They were thigh-packing good, but some of the bundt stuck to the pan, so not necessarily photo-worthy this time around.
Speaking of baking, what is the DEAL with all the cupcake-orama going around lately? Is it a part of the vegan credo?
"thou shalt commit vegecide once a day, thou shalt bake fancy colorful cupcakes 3x/week"??
It seems that every vegan blog I visit (and many "other" eaters as well) are way into the cupcake thing. At first I thought it was a phenomenon started by the rockin' VwaV girls (that's Vegans with a Vagina to you), but then I found a couple of sites where you-know-who-you-are had not yet heard of their book, Vegan Cupcakes take over the World. So WHAT IS GOING ON??
Let me clarify; I have nothing against cupcakes, or any girlie baking for that matter. Actually, I hadn't really given them much thought in the post-Brownies years of my life. But now I am just jealous! Jealous of everyone who makes them expertly, and shows them off in such confabulous fotos. I even have my very own copy of VCTOTW just waiting on the counter in the kitchen for me to dive into whole happy hog. But, make no mistake, I will show you all that I am truly vegan. I, too, can be a cupcakenator, just like the rest of you. You - just - WAIT.

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vko said...

kitties are real cute! and the nachos look over the top...