Sunday, July 15, 2007


Firstly and most importantly, let's reflect on unconditional sibling love of the fur-klan. This is sweet Megan (whom the menfolk of Moon are all intrepidly in love with) kissing and licking on her brother (my paramour), Little Lord Fauntleroy. One of my favorite meditations is to watch these displays of affection and wisdom; felines, I believe, coined the maxim "cleanliness is next to godliness" many a long time ago.

And a gorgeously blue morning glory on my balcony...

o.k... as far as the first week of my elimination diet went, I started out with a bang and went down with a sputter. Starting on Monday, I cut out wheat in all forms, corn, peanuts, and alcohol. Coffee was still in my "ok" list, because while I make mine half-decaf (and organic), the coffee detox/withdrawal is one of the hardest for me, and I couldn't handle that hullabahookie on top of any food reaction withdrawal symptoms I am having/may have. Unfortunately, by Friday, my resolve was not only broken, but crushed and ground a la mortar and pestle, when I went with friends to see The Decemberists at Chastain Park. With very noble intentions, I got a bottle of water for my imbibing pleasure, while everyone else bought oilcans of Fosters or bottles of vino. However, by the time we sat our rumps down on the metal benches and the first bottle was uncorked, I couldn't stand the idea of only having a "good time". I wanted the full experience, like everyone else! So, in compromise, I allowed myself a half of a small plastic cup-ful of the good red stuff. It was by the 3rd pour however (of only half a cup, mind you), that I had to finally admit to myself that this "counted", and I had broken my diet. When we left the ampitheatre, it seemed silly to get back on the wagon immediately after I had lept so valiantly-yet-foolhardily off, so we shimmied back to the neighborhood "Regal Beagle", where I faintly protested against the glass of merlot that was offered to me, and then vehemently demanded that I be served a carton of peanuts as well! (I won't even begin sharing details of the neighbor's yardsale the following morning, in which spicy bloody marys and mimosas were free-flowing onto the lawn...)

So without further ado, here are a few meal cut-outs from my weak week:

today's redemption lunch: rice, beans, and tempeh bacon atop mixed mesclun greens, finished with carrot almond sauce and whipped tofu "goat cheese"

Mid-week, I made something slightly off the plan, but still relatively healthy---->Eggplant Dharmasan with "nomato" sauce. It was scrumpdillyicious, and left my eating partner and me feeling fantastico afterwards!

some ingredients in the "nomato" sauce are below. Why not tomato sauce, you ask? The simple answer: because tomatoes, altho delicious, are nightshades; nightshades contain solanine; solanine is an alkaloid that can really mess with your joints and bones. Think "arthitis + rain". Here's a place to find

layers of the eggplant Dharmasan: nomato sauce, eggplant slices coated in potato chips (my favorite--->salt & pepper Kettle chippies), tofu "goat cheese", more of the same layers, with the option of topping it all off with FYH mozzarella.

ready to go in the oven

and served with a side of brown rice angel hair tossed with rosemary, olive oil, lemon juice,
capers, and pine nuts

tuesday's lunch: leftover long-grain brown rice, topped with water-sauteed kale and carrot-almond sauce, served with a mix of pinto and cannellini beans, suncheese,
and grated daikon (tossed with a touch of ume-zu).

On Monday, I made green rolls, and they rocked! they're made with steamed swiss chard, beet greens, and cabbage, rolled with flash-sauteed button mushrooms, diced stems from the greens, and suncheese (a combination of soaked sunflower seeds, lemon juice, garlic, and umeboshi vinegar, or ume-zu)

Starting tomorrow, I am cutting out all soy products as well (for at least a week). This will suck royally, as I am rather dependent on Silk soy creamer in my morning java, and almond milk, whilst good in its own right, just does not provide the thick velvety goodness of the creamer. Better luck to me!

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The meals look amazing. I wanna be your chow partner.